Werni Stock

The true Bosstrian

Werni Stock is widely regarded as one of the most versatile allmountain snowboarders in the world. Born and raised in Austria, Werni has dedicated his life to snowboarding and has become one of the most respected and influential riders in the industry.

Werni's snowboarding career began in the early 2000s when he started competing in local contests. His talent and natural style soon caught the attention of the snowboarding world, and he began competing in international events. He quickly gained a reputation for his all-mountain skills, which he showcased in both freestyle and freeride competitions.

Over the years, Werni has won numerous contests, including the prestigious Red Bull Linecatcher, which is considered one of the most challenging events in the snowboarding world. Werni's ability to combine technical tricks with big mountain riding has earned him a legion of fans and respect from his peers.

In addition to his success as a rider, Werni has also become known for his board design skills. He joined Vimana Snowboards in 2015 and has since helped create some of the best allmountain boards on the market. His expertise in both freestyle and freeride riding has enabled him to design boards that are equally adept at shredding the park and carving up big mountain lines.

Werni's love for snowboarding goes beyond competition and design, and he is committed to promoting the sport and encouraging young riders. He regularly participates in snowboarding camps and clinics.

Werni's dedication to the sport and his contributions to snowboarding culture have made him one of the most respected riders in the world. His all-mountain skills and commitment to promoting the sport have earned him a place among snowboarding's greats.

Home: Tux, Austria

Board: Werni Stock Pro

Stance: Regular, front +12, back -6

Social: Werni`s Instagram