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What people say

So Happy 🤗 Super fun, snappy, flowy and unbelievable board all over the mountain :) :)

Enra, Finland

Vimana Clone Werni Stock 157 Hands down one of the best decks I've ever riden. Super responsive and tons of pop. This board charges through anything and you truly can't beat the quality. 👊🏼

Lucien, USA

Great service, I talked to Tronna who guided me to a good match. I have now been riding the vufo board for one season, absolutely love it. Looking to get another one this season

Morten, Norway

Just got round to testing out My Vimana continental R on my local dryslope! It's a really great board for any ability. There was a slight issue regarding delivery to the UK but was sorted quickly with the help of Trond-Eirik who was really helpful. The board came soon after and they even chucked in some stickers. Thanks for the board and I eagerly await next year's board line up!!

Michael, UK

Great guys behind the brand! Love the designs and the feel on the boards. I have been riding for 20 years and ridden on many different boards over the years, but this is by far the best!

Kim, Norway